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This phrase is really useful to people looking for a home for their online slot play. Any game that includes a round that rewards additional prizes, outside the scope of the spinning reels and symbols, is a bonus slot. But not all online slots offer these bonus rounds.

Players who enjoy things like side wagers and skill games as part of their machine play hunt out “bonus slots,” rather than a more generic phrase like “video slots.” Bonus slots aren’t just the domain of the online casino – land-based slots have included bonus rounds for decades before the advent of online gambling.

These days, the majority of slots above the penny and nickel level include some kind of bonus round, whether it’s a shooter-style skill game or the option to cut a virtual deck of cards for double your win.

Progressive Slots
Progressive slots are machine games that are linked across some sort of network. The purpose of this linking is to increase the size of the game’s progressive jackpots. By shaving off a percentage of every cent paid into the network, these games produce an ever-increasing jackpot that’s triggered by a rare combination of symbols. These games may be linked between machines on the same casino floor, or between different casinos, or any combination of the two.

The largest progressive networks regularly produce jackpots in the millions of dollars. These games are responsible for some of the largest jackpots in the history of American gambling. Progressive games like Slot o Mania are globally-recognized brands that carry a lot of player appeal. Though these titles’ huge jackpots are tempting, these games generally give the casino a much bigger advantage than non-progressive machines.

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