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Circumventing Voluntary Self-Exclusion

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This one is perhaps the worst reason for using virtual private networks when gambling online, not to mention it could lead you down a slippery slope to financial ruin. Regulated operators take responsible gambling seriously, offering multiple tools to protect their customers from gambling-related harm.

Players can take temporary breaks and regain access to their accounts after their preferred cool-off period ends. Permanent self-exclusion is also an option for those who feel their gambling behavior has started to become problematic.

Self-excluded problem gamblers sometimes experience a sudden change of heart. In an attempt to continue gambling, such problematic players sometimes try to circumvent their voluntary exclusion by creating new accounts at the same online casinos they have originally restricted themselves from.

Since multi-accounting is also a violation of the terms and conditions, such gamblers have no other option but to hide their IPs via virtual private networks to prevent casinos from detecting them. We at Online Games are stark proponents of responsible gambling and strongly urge you to refrain from such practices if you have self-excluded.

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