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Citizens can Legally use a VPN

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Connecting to virtual private networks for general purposes is legal under most governments but the exact legalities vary from one country to the next. In most democratic countries, citizens can legally use a VPN when browsing the internet to protect themselves against potential hacking attacks and other cybercrimes.

 Illegal Usage of VPN

 Countries with Bans or Restrictions on VPN Use

Closing Remarks

Verified players traveling abroad should contact the support representatives of their gambling sites to inquire whether they can access their accounts from the respective country they are visiting. Concealing your real geographical location via VPN to feign you are in your country of residence while abroad is rarely a good idea as we saw from the case of Gordon Vayo and Poker Stars.

The same goes for attempting to register at online casinos from a restricted country. They will inevitably catch you, freeze your account, and confiscate your winnings.

You should not forget everything that is already illegal remains illegal whether or not a person is using a virtual private network. We recommend you refrain from using a VPN to access online casinos if the laws in your jurisdiction prohibit remote gambling.

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