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Common Reasons for using VPN for Online

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Virtual private networks enable internet users to hide their location by connecting to encrypted servers in other countries.

A person who is physically located in Los Angeles might connect to a server in London and make it appear as if they are browsing a given site from the British capital.

Online gamblers resort to using VPN for two common reasons, to access restricted casinos, sportsbooks, or poker platforms and opt in for multiple bonuses.

2. Accessing Restricted Gambling Sites

Gambling sites must hold licenses to operate in a given jurisdiction. Properly regulated gaming operators typically restrict players based in prohibited countries, territories, or states from accessing their products to avoid legal issues. They achieve this by using geo blocking, a technology that prevents internet users in some geographical locations from accessing certain online content.

New Jersey-licensed sites are only available to online gamblers who are physically located on the territory of the Garden State. Such is also the case in Great Britain where licensees of the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) can only take bets from British players.

Players from regulated and well-developed markets normally face a decent enough choice of licensed gambling sites. The same cannot be said for those who reside in countries that heavily restrict or altogether prohibit online gambling.

In the second case, local internet service providers are instructed to block all unauthorized gaming sites. Players from such jurisdictions use virtual private networks to circumvent the restrictions and gain access to their desired online casinos despite the ban.

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