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Germany Online Gambling in 2020

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Germany took the same path as Belgium and Great Britain and unleashed a wave of stricter regulations and player protection measures a couple of years ago. German legislators approved the ban on credit card gambling in the summer of 2020 and effectively prohibited online casinos that target local players from facilitating any transactions via Visa and Mastercard-branded credit cards.

In turn, banking institutions across the country were instructed to block all credit card payments to and from gambling sites that serve local bettors. Gambling operators themselves also had to remove any references to this form of payment from their Belgium-facing websites.

Heavy Taxation and Severe Restrictions Drive Operators Away

As a result of these measures, German players were left with very few payment methods to rely on. Some industry experts cautioned the clamp-down on credit cards could have an adverse effect, driving local gamblers to gaming sites that are not properly regulated.

The stricter regulations indeed caused many reputable brands to flee the German market in droves, further limiting the choice of adequately regulated options for local players. Several of the most recent departees include:


 Betfair Exchange

 William Hill

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