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How do you Increase your odds of Winning at 747 live Slot Machines?

How do you Increase your odds of Winning at 747 live Slot Machines?

The only way I am aware of to win on a true slot machine is to somehow find out the payout percentage of the slot machine and what the percentage to hit the jackpot. Then you have to find a progressive slot machine or bank of slot machines that has a progressive amount high enough to shift the expected value of a slot pull into positive territory. The problem is that it is frequently hard to figure out what the actual odds of a slot machine are. Typically you will see signs with “Up to 99% Payout”. This means that at least one machine with a 99% payout is on the bank. The others may be totally awful.

In the past, there were video poker machines where if you new the strategy well enough, you could just win outright in certain games. Generally, computer training software forced casinos to remove those games or reduce some of the payouts to shift them back in their favor. Video poker machines with a progressive are fairly simple to find out what the payout of the games is without including royals and then find out what the progressive has to be to make the game positive. This works because on a true video poker machine the likelihood of a hand being dealt or drawn to are identical to if you were playing with an actual deck of cards. There are bingo machines in certain states and on reservations that don’t work this way, but most casino video poker machines are legit

Keep in mind that just because the odds are in you favor does not mean you will win. The positive portion of the game is only in hitting the progressive. The rest of the game will normally be worse than a standalone machine. It’s only when the progressive of the bank or machine hasn’t been hit in an improbably high number of pulls that the game becomes positive. You could get lucky on the first hand, or you could be one of the poor schmucks who pumps the progressive even further up.

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