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How does it work GemDiscoPH?

How does it work GemDiscoPH?

As we already mentioned, your goal in this game is quite simple – step on as many fields as possible without stepping on the mine. Mines consists of a 5×5 grid so the game has 25 different tiles in total.

Before making a bet a player has to decide how many mines he wants to place on the grid. The number of mines of the field can be from 1 to 24 and each bet they are being placed randomly.

It is obvious that more mines means there is a higher risk but each right move will give you huge rewards. Also, after every correct move your next reward will be higher and higher since there will be more and more chances to step on the mine. You can cashout at any time but once you pick a tile with a mine – your bet will be lost.

Mines Spribe mini game – what are the chances to win?

Your odds of winning in this online casino game depends on the amount of mines you choose to play with. Let’s say you place only 1 mine so that means your first pick would have a 1 in 25 chance of losing. Then, if your first pick is correct your second pick would have a 1 in 24 chance of losing and so on and so on.

Now let’s take a very risky scenario and let’s say you place 20 mines on the grid. It means that your first pick would have a 1 in 5 chance of winning. If you would make a correct decision the game would pay you around 4.85x since the casino always has an edge and in case of Mines game its RTP is usually around 97% (more about casino games and slots RTP).

So, it is up to a player himself to decide the odds in this game. You can choose a low risk route or you can go degen mode and have a chance of winning huge!

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