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How Modern Slots Work in Online Casino

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When we say “modern slots,” we’re talking about games you can walk into a casino today and find on the floor. Some casinos will have a few classic-style machines available, with just a few reels and simplified gameplay, but even those machines will run on a modern “brain.” Here’s the basics of how a modern slot game works.

Modern machines use a system of virtual reels, rather than real mechanical ones. Because each of these virtual reels can have an unlimited number of virtual symbols, modern games have multiple reels, pay lines, and other features that just weren’t feasible with a mechanical design.

The spinning action of mechanical reels is what made those games random. This spinning function has been replaced by a gadget called a random number generator. Each virtual reel’s stop position and the symbol associate with that position is determined by this random number generator at the time the player presses the “Spin” button. Because watching an algorithm pick random numbers would be kind boring, the game’s display shows an animation of spinning symbols, or some other audio-visual distraction. Designers and programmers can alter these virtual reels (and the random number generator itself) to adjust a machine’s payout percentage and other features.

The addition of electronic and digital components to slots has created an amazing array of game styles. Slot games now feature things like complex plots, immersive audio and visual experiences, 3D graphics, licensed characters from films and TV shows, and plentiful bonus and side games and wagers to enhance the game’s replay value. Modern slots are less like the clunky mechanical one-armed bandits of the frontier, and more like computer or console games.

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