How to make money on Mines Game Casino?

How to make money on Mines Game Casino?

When it comes to gambling, players are always on the lookout and searching for tricks, techniques and strategies to get the edge on the casino. Unfortunately, there are very few entertainment options that offer players any real leeway, and mini-games are one of them. So don’t expect to find a formula here, or on any honest site for that matter, for making money every time. However, you can use a few methods to play wisely and increase your chances of winning. In the next few lines, we’ll give you some tips, tricks and strategies used by experienced players.

The Martingale

The leading strategy for making money with online casino games is the martingale. If this is the first time you’ve heard of it, you should know that it’s a betting method that involves doubling your bet after a failure until you get a win. As you will have understood, the martingale is a technique within the reach of those who have a substantial budget. You are probably wondering what the advantage of using this strategy is. Well, all its interest lies in the fact that you can recover all your lost bets and even make a small profit at the end of a winning round.

For proper application of the martingale, you should set yourself a very specific goal of how many squares to open. For example, you may decide to cash out after successfully opening 3 squares. If you hit a bomb on the first or second square of the grid, you will have to increase your bet for the next round. Note that once you have reached your goal, you will have to go back to the starting bet.

The game is a very simple one.

Minimising risk and increasing your stake

Initially, the mine game proposes to play a game with 3 mines. This means there will be a total of 22 squares that will yield payouts, which is already huge. This level of risk is reasonable, but obviously the payouts won’t be as juicy as with a dozen, fifteen or twenty mines. Having said that, you should not bite off more than you can chew. We therefore suggest that you opt for a risk level of 3 to 5 mines and place a large bet. With only 5 boxes found out of the 22 potentially good ones, you will already be able to double the amount of your bet.

Securing your winnings

While it is true that the jackpot (the highest payout) falls once all the right squares have been found, it must be stressed that this is a most risky, if not utopian, undertaking. Only 1 in 10 players could achieve this feat. And for this reason, we cannot advise you enough to keep your feet on the ground. In other words, it’s better to secure your winnings after a few good spots than to be greedy and risk losing all your winnings and even your stake. So don’t hesitate to Cashout! If you lack discipline or are often tempted by the lure of winning, consider using the automatic game mode.

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