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How to play casino games with this guide

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If you had access to a computer as far back as the early 2000s and used the Microsoft operating system, you’ll remember the minesweeper game from back then. We’re sure memories from back then are beginning to settle in, like how much you will repeat playing a level because of the games you would mistakenly hit.

If you have ever played online casino, you won’t have any issues knowing how to play casino games with this guide. Let’s get right into it.

How To Play Casino Game

The casino game follows the gaming pattern, making use of a five-by-five grid gaming area. This five-by-five grid contains 25 opaque tiles the player has to reveal to either win or lose. So. here’s how to play casino game:

  1. Place a wager

Since you’re playing for real money, you must place a wager. Depending on the online casino you play at, you can find the buttons for choosing the wager amount at any position on the screen. The lowest amount allowed as a  wager is $0.1, and the maximum amount depends on the online casino. Click on the “-” or “+” to either decrease or increase your wager.

  1. Choose the number

One perk that comes with the game is that you get to choose the number of mines you want, by clicking the “number” button on whichever part of the screen. The highest number of mines available is 20. The number of mines you choose will determine the game payouts. Meaning the higher the mines, the higher your payout will be.

  1. Reveal the tiles

Once you have placed a wager and picked the number of mines, click the ‘Bet’ button and start clicking the tiles to reveal them. When you start clicking the tiles, the tile will reveal one of two symbols; depending on how lucky you are, you might reveal a bomb or any other symbol chosen by the game, like a diamond.

When you reveal a diamond, you win a payout, adding to your payout value on the screen. You can now decide to go on with the game or cash out your winnings. Deciding to continue or end the game is a tough decision, especially when you pick a lot of mines, and remember the higher your mines, the higher the payout.

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