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Mines Games Easy Win to Conservative Player Strategy

Mines Games Easy Win to Conservative Player Strategy

Besides the fact that the Mines bets 1 real, only, as a minimum value, the game still allows you to use up to 1 bomb hidden in the 25 spaces per round. This can even mean a low multiplier factor, especially at the beginning of the round, but still, you can almost say that it is difficult to make a mistake.

The main features of this strategy are:

  • Medium and low input values;
  • Number of bombs between 1 and 5;
  • Several guesses per round;
  • Patience to seek to increase the multiplier factor;
  • Low targets for cashout.

The downside is that this strategy only shows its results in the long run and really requires patience in building higher multiplier factors. Even if there’s only one bomb (or a few) in the 25 spaces, you need to hit several stars to start smiling. 

Even so, the conservative player, with enough patience and discipline, will certainly see his gains increase after some time. If you’re not going to have all that patience, but you’re also not that aggressive, remember that between 1 and 20 bombs, it’s possible to find an ideal amount to balance your strategy.

Another important tip for conservative players (and everyone else) is to explore free Mines, the demo version that most platforms offer of the game. The demo format on the site is exactly the game, with the control panel and all the betting tools, there you can test everything and all the customizations, but the money is fake. Perfect for gaining experience.

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