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Mines Games Pattern Bonuses are a Major form of Marketing used by Online Casinos

Mines Games Pattern Bonuses are a major form of marketing used by online casinos to attract new players.

Nearly every casino site offers a sign up bonus for new players making an initial deposit, with additional bonuses often available on subsequent play. High bonuses lure players in with the implication of free money, but certain terms and conditions always apply.

Most businesses are not in the habit of giving away free money and online gambling sites are no exception. Players typically have to meet a series of requirements in order to clear, or credit, the bonus to their account.

The common terms and conditions are as follows:

  • Wagering Requirements. These ensure that players cannot simply walk away with the casino site’s money. Wagering requirements require players to wager a specified minimum amount, usually a multiple of the player’s deposit and/or bonus. Casinos rely on the house advantage to lessen the amount of bonus money cleared.
  • Non-Cashable Bonuses. This is usually hidden in the fine print and means that the bonus becomes part of the player’s account but cannot actually be cashed out. However, players can withdraw any winnings that result from bonus money that was wagered. This is intended to protect online casinos from bonus hunters, a term referring to people who take advantage of bonus promotions to receive free money.

Casino Site Games

When using a casino site you will inevitably come across some games that look fun, but with which you are unfamiliar.

Most of these games are easy to learn. We have full pages on many online casino games that explain the rules and provide basic strategy to give you the best chance at winning.


The best casino sites can offer a great online gambling experience, but it is important to reserve your business for trustworthy, reputable sites. Nothing could be more frustrating than clearing a large bonus or winning an enormous jackpot, only to have the online casino refuse to pay out.

We have worked with our recommended casinos for years; we carefully monitor for and explore any complaints, and remove any dishonest sites from our list. Always gamble responsibly and use caution when gambling online.

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