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Mines Games Tips is one of the best games for players

Mines Games Tips is one of the best games for players transitioning from slots to table games. The rules are simple, and RNG blackjack games can really help you improve your strategy.

With a good strategy, you can see close to 99% returns. Be sure to play 3-to-2, single deck tables because that reduces the house edge by almost 2%.

Video Poker
Video PokerCombining the reels of slot machines with the rules of poker, video poker slots are some of the most profitable games at online casinos.

Be sure to read up on video poker strategy, and pick games like Deuces Wild that have 99.4% RTP or higher with the right hand.

Video Poker
BaccaratBaccarat is simple with only three wagers. For the best possible return, we encourage you to place Banker bets, as this lowers the house edge to 1.06%.

One strategy that is commonly used is making sure to avoid side bets, as those are designed to increase house advantage and harm player returns.

CrapsCraps is a dice game that requires very little skill. Being easy to learn and with a low house edge, craps can still be a big-win opportunity.

When playing, avoid wagering on side bets. Instead, stick to the pass line bet, which has an average RTP of about 98%. The house edge is also fairly low on craps.

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