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Most Slot Tournament are all about speed

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Bet large in point-based tournaments to progress faster in the leaderboard

In such cases, the number of points you receive per spin is proportionate to your wager size. (Eg. ¢20 equals 1 point, ¢40 earns you 2 points, ¢60 results in 3 points, and so on). Larger bets will understandably generate more points for you.

Spin the reels as fast as possible and do not wait to see the results

As we previously explained, the outcomes are determined in the split second you hit the button. The only reason why the reels move is to make the gaming experience more authentic.

The software will reflect the outcome in your balance even if you spin again before the reels halt. Waiting for the results will only slow you down and decrease your odds of gaining the lead.

Turn on the turbo mode feature if the tournament’s terms and conditions allow using it

This will improve your speed as the reels come to rest almost instantly after you hit the spin button. Bear in mind the turbo mode is deactivated for players based in countries like the UK due to regulatory requirements.

Put all your credits to good use as the casino will not carry them over

Any remaining credits are voided after the slot tournament comes to an end.

Do not allow the leaderboard to distract you

Constantly checking your current position will slow you down and most slot tournaments are all about speed. If you glance at the leaderboard every couple of seconds, you are less likely to see your username listed among the top finishers.

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