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Myths About Slot Games Online

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Now that you know the basics of how the games are designed, built, and played, we think it’s prudent to undo some of the damage done by slot machine myths over the years. For whatever reason, these games attract an inordinate amount of myths, the majority of which are totally unfounded. Believing in some of these myths will impact your enjoyment of the games, not to mention your potential profits.

Let’s dispel four of the most insipid gaming machine myths:

Myth 1: Machines can be “hot” and “cold.”
Skill games is a loose category that includes a variety of machine games that don’t replicate the exact playing style of slot or video poker machines. Some people will never recognize skill games as slots. However, casino management seems to think of them as the same type of game, since they’re often grouped together on the casino floor or in online casino categories.

A skill game is a game in which you’re rewarded for your skill. An example would be a video game in which you play a hunter shooting animated ducks. The more ducks you’re able to shoot, the more you earn. These games take most of the luck element out of machine gaming, and much like video poker, reward players for being good at something. These games are catching on, as a younger and more tech-savvy audience enters the casino. For now, though, these titles make up a tiny percentage of the total slot gambling market.

Myth 2: Machines pay less when you use your slot club card.
The thinking behind this one is plain enough. Since casinos give away free stuff to slot club members, the machines are programmed to recognize club members and reward them with less frequent wins. Or so the theory goes. Of course, this is patently ridiculous.

Casinos make a mint on slots players. Slot profits are so big, giving away a hot dog or a comp’d room here and there makes absolutely no difference to their bottom line. In fact, the slots club at your local casino is probably a major revenue producer. Why would they want to penalize the players that put them in the black every month?

Your odds are the same whether or not you use your club card. Actually, we think there’s a strong argument that your odds are a little bit better when you use the card, since any freebies the casino gives you are a tiny slice into their advantage.

Myth #3: Machines can be tightened or loosened remotely.
This bonehead myth is pervasive. We guarantee you know lots of people who really believe this to be true. According to this theory, the casino has employees whose job it is to monitor slots on the floor, then remotely alter their payout percentage or other features in order to achieve the aforementioned “balance.” Usually, this line of thinking ends with something like “You’d better be friendly to the casino staff, and tip them really well as often as possible, or else they’ll use their special remote control to wipe out your profits.”

The truth behind this myth is a bit more complicated than it may seem. While it is NOT true that casinos attempt to “balance” their machines using a remote control, taking out their anger on player’s bankrolls, it is true that some new-fangled slots can be altered remotely. However, this is an experimental practice that you’ll find in a handful of casinos, and it is heavily-regulated.

The state of Nevada, concerned about the implications of these so-called server games, passed a hasty law that says that a machine cannot be altered by remote unless they’ve been fully idle for at least four minutes. At that point, the game’s display indicates that it is being serviced – that means the game can’t change in the middle of your playing session, without a long idle period and big flashing message.

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