Online Blackjack Mines Games with Early Surrender

Online Blackjack Mines Games with Early Surrender

Blackjack is all about strategy and decision-making, with hitting, standing, splitting, and doubling being the four main moves players can choose from when acting on a hand. A fifth move known as surrender is possible, although most beginner players are unfamiliar with it due to its rare availability.

There are two versions of this move, late and early surrender, and while both benefit the player in certain situations, the latter brings far greater gains than the former. As you shall see shortly, the early surrender play is rather advantageous to players, so much so that it has become nearly obsolete.

Early surrender is so uncommon that most strategy charts altogether omit it as a viable option. Blackjack fans will be hard-pressed to find it at online casinos but early surrender has not entirely disappeared yet. Online blackjack variants with this rule are hard to come by but do exist nonetheless.

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