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Online Casino Baccarat Statistics and Roadmaps net

Statistics panels for online baccarat games display the number of Ties and the hand totals for the Player and the Banker sides in the last eight to ten rounds of play. Variants of the game that support side bets also show how many Player and Banker pairs have been dealt in past rounds.

Baccarat variations developed by some software studios like Red Tiger feature additional roadmaps (also known as scoreboards) that provide graphical representations of the Player/Banker outcomes for the previous rounds.

The purpose of said roadmaps is to help players easily identify trends and potentially use them to predict future results. The most common types of roadmaps you will find in online baccarat include:

Statistics on Dealer Totals in Online Blackjack

While they are not as superstitious as baccarat players, some blackjack fans favor online variations of 21 that give them access to dealer-related statistics.

Certain online versions of the game feature stats on the totals the virtual dealer has obtained in the previous rounds. Information on the dealer’s bust and blackjack rates is also available in some cases.

Online Craps Statistics

Craps is rarely on offer at online casinos because it does not translate all that well to the virtual format. The classic dice game recently made its way to live dealer casinos powered by Evolution Gaming, whose version allows players to take advantage of the so-called dynamic statistics feature.

Statistic panels hang on the studio walls behind the craps dealer, keeping you up to date with the bets fellow players are placing in real time. Additionally, the live craps interface features a roll history in the lower left section of the screen where you can see what numbers have come up in prior rounds.

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