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Impossibly High Wagering Requirements La Partage and En Prison are not restricted solely to land based casinos. Players looking for thinner house edges can also find these advantageous rules in some online versions of the game. However, we should note the availability of La Partage and En Prison is not immediately obvious.

Our suggestion is to navigate to the game’s rules or the info section where this information is typically to be found. Or you can spare yourself the hassles and go for the roulette variants we have handpicked for you. Some of them rely on random number generation for the outcomes, while others are hosted by human dealers in real time for a more authentic gaming experience.

Impact on Players’ Expected Value
Roulette wheels contain green zero pockets for a reason and it is not to give you extra betting opportunities. The addition of the zero enables the house to retain a fixed percentage of players’ total wagers in the long term. Said percentage represents the house edge, i.e. the mathematical advantage the casino holds over its patrons.

The house edge is always grinding against roulette players regardless of what betting system they use. No strategy or betting pattern can possibly help them overcome the negative expectation inherent to this game of chance.

Expected Value in Single-Zero Roulette
Impact of La Partage on Expected Value
Impact of En Prison on Expected Value

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