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Online Mines Games Easy Win in Martingale Strategy

Online Mines Games Easy Win in Martingale Strategy

The Martingale method is one of the most famous in online casino games, especially in the roulette category. The reason for this popularity is precisely the effectiveness of this system in 50/50% probability ratios, common in the roulette game.

But Mines bets on such a high level of customization that it is also possible to create a ratio close to 50% error, 50% success. Just select 13 bombs. It’s not quite 50%, but it’s close, and the multiplier is 2,02x on the bet amount.

That said, the Martingale method consists of:

  • Configure Mines for the amount of 13 bombs;
  • Set a bet unit or a fixed entry amount;
  • Double the bet (or the unit) for each bomb found;
  • Keep the value (or unit) for each star found.

The concept of the Martingale method, when applied to Mines, ends when you decide to try to hit one more star. The system predicts that you should secure the profit as soon as possible. In fact, the basic premise of this method is the security of seeking the first predicted profit, that of 2.02x the bet amount.

Statistically, in Mines casino the strategy is infallible, because if you always bet twice as much, at some point your first guess will be correct, even more considering a chance of 50%/50%. But statistics can always surprise, and to bank as many “doubles” as necessary to guarantee the first profit, it may be necessary to have a very high cash. Another bad point is that the surefire profit is only the first, any more greed breaks the method.

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