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RG Tools at Regulated Casinos Mines Games Tips

RG Tools at Regulated Casinos Mines Games Tips

RG tools are broadly available and easily accessible at all strictly regulated online casinos. Some help players control the time they spend on a gambling site, others enable them to keep their expenses in check. A third group allows them to temporarily or permanently step away from the betting action. While the available options are jurisdiction-specific, the following tools are typically offered by most well-regulated casinos.

 Cool-off Periods

 Time Limits

 Restrictions on Games

 Deposit Limits

 Game History

 Self-assessment Questionnaires


 Resources for Support

 Advice on Responsible Gambling


1. On-screen Clocks

Built into the gaming interface, on-screen clocks are visible at all times, making it easier for gamblers to maintain an adequate perception of time. The tool essentially prevents players from losing track of how much time they have spent gambling, a major issue with some people.

2. Game Speeds

Game speeds are adjustable at some platforms, allowing operators that use the software to configure the minimum time that must elapse between gaming rounds or reel spins. Customers can thus play at a more relaxed pace, which reduces the hourly number of rounds and the overall amounts wagered. Regulators in jurisdictions like the UK require at least 2.5 seconds to pass between any two slot spins.

3. Deactivation of Certain In-game Features

Deactivation of certain in-game features is required in some jurisdictions. Functionalities like auto-play and quick spin are automatically disabled when players load the games from specific countries. Some regulatory bodies consider these features harmful because their use can potentially lead to reckless gambling and massive losses.

4. Reality Checks

Reality checks act as regular reminders to gamblers, periodically showing them how long they have been playing. The amounts won or lost during the session are also displayed in many cases. Another thing to keep in mind is that these regular in-game notifications only show up to real-money players. They are rarely incorporated into the free demo versions of the games. Play can continue only after the gambler has acknowledged the notification.

5. Manual Flushing

Manual flushing is a practice at some online casinos that protects players against reversing their withdrawals. Less disciplined gamblers often succumb to the temptation of canceling their payout requests before the casino approves them so that they can continue playing.

With manual flushing, the withdrawal amount remains locked into your account until the operator processes the request and releases the funds to your desired payment method. The practice eliminates the risks of squandering your winnings due to a lack of discipline.

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