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Standard Surrender Rules bet in Blackjack

Standard Surrender Rules bet in Blackjack

When available, the surrender move must normally be made at the very beginning of the round before the player has taken any other action on their hand. Surrendering is a viable move when you are dealt very weak starting hands against particularly strong dealer up cards.

The dealer will then remove your two cards from the layout, collect half of your bet, and give you back the other half. The surrender option, when exercised properly, reduces the house edge and helps you minimize your losses.It typically becomes available only after the dealer has peeked under their hole card to check for a blackjack, i.e. players cannot surrender in the event of a dealer blackjack. The two standard variations of the rule are early surrender and late surrender.



Early Surrender enables the player to forfeit a hand against a dealer’s ace or ten before the dealer peeks under the hole card to determine whether he or she has a blackjack. The rule is very favorable to players and cuts down the house edge by more than half a percent.


Unsurprisingly, early surrender has become obsolete in US-style blackjack where hole cards are in play. The rule is more prevalent in no-hole-card blackjack variants where the dealer draws their second card only after all players have acted on their hands. Online players can find early surrender in Big 5 Blackjack by Microgaming.

House Edge (HE) Reduction with Early SurrenderEarly Surrender vs. the Dealer’s 10-0.24%Early Surrender vs. the Dealer’s Ace-0.39%Aggregate HE Reduction-0.63%

The correct use of late surrender in multiple-deck blackjack is as follows:

  • Hard 15 vs. 10 if the dealer must stand on soft 17 (S17)
  • Hard 16 vs. 9, 10, and aces in S17 games
  • Hard 15 vs. 10 and aces if the dealer must hit soft 17 (H17)
  • Hard 16 vs. 9, 10, and aces in H17 games
  • Hard 17 vs. aces in H17 games
  • Pairs of 8/8 vs. aces in H17 games

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