Types of Online Mines Games Casino Jackpot

Types of Online Mines Games Casino Jackpot

1. Hourly Jackpots

Hourly Jackpots are smaller in size but compensate with higher hit frequencies as they land every hour. The size of the average hourly prize is approximately $1,000, with players having the opportunity to land several hourly pots within the same day.

The countdown timer on the screen informs you when the jackpot is nearing its trigger point so that you can play more and improve your chances of pocketing the hourly prize.

2. Daily Jackpots

Daily Jackpots work similarly to hourly jackpots, the only difference being they trigger once every 24 hours. While this makes them harder to win, they are still worth chasing because the daily prizes reach two-digit amounts.

Mines Games Casino jackpots can reward players with $25,000 on average but the sum may be higher, depending on how many spinners play concurrently and when the prize hits precisely.

3. Super Jackpots

Super Jackpots are the most rewarding and offer the juiciest prizes. The triggering criteria here are different since the pots must drop before they reach a specific amount of cash. They resemble boiling-point jackpots in this respect.

Super Jackpots usually trigger before their value escalates to $250,000, which happens approximately four and a half days on average. However, the pot could land sooner provided that the prize pool has reached the drop amount faster.

Other than that, the Mines Games Casino play the same way as conventional online slots. The gameplay is rather straightforward as all you have to do is size your bets and match identical symbols on the paylines to receive the corresponding payouts.

 Jackpot Values Are Updated in Real-Time

 Winning Chances Increase when Pots Approach their Drop Thresholds

 Padlock Icons Denote ‘Locked’ Jackpots

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