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Types of Slot tournaments you can play Online Mines Games Bonuses

Types of Slot tournaments you can play Online Mines Games Bonuses

1. Overview

If you are considering competing in a slot tourney at an online casino, you should first learn to distinguish between the different tournament formats. Understanding the individual rules and peculiarities of each format will make it easier to map out a strategy. Below we cover a few of the most common slot tourney types you will come across at online casinos.

2. Scheduled Tournaments

Scheduled tournaments commence and end at a predetermined time on condition the minimum number of participants required has been reached. This format is widely adopted but requires registration in advance. Scheduled tournaments can continue for several hours up to a month, depending on where you play.

3. Freerolls

Freerolls, as you can probably guess by their name, do not require players to buy their way in to participate. All they have to do is sign up on time and play the qualifying slots for the specified period. There are still some requirements to satisfy, however.

Some online casinos require interested players to earn a given number of comp points before they can participate in their freerolls. Prize pools are typically smaller due to the free nature of this tournament type.

4. Buy-In Tournaments

Buy-in tournaments are pretty much the opposite of freerolls as participating players are required to pay an entry fee. The host casino will then provide them with a specific number of credits to play with. The buy-in amount is proportional to the prize pool – the larger the rewards, the more you have to pay to get in.

5. Sit and Go Tournaments

Sit and Go tournaments feature limited open positions and commence as soon as the maximum number of available seats has been reached. When this happens, a pop-up message will appear on the screen to inform you in time to set the reels in motion.

6. Guaranteed Tournaments

Guaranteed tournaments feature guaranteed pools, with predetermined prizes paid out to the top finishers in the leaderboard. If the pool surpasses the guaranteed amount, it continues to grow.

7. Re-Buy Tournaments

Re-buy tournaments allow participants to purchase additional credits or spins if they happen to run out. The re-buy amount or spin number typically coincides with the original buy-in.

These are more strategic as participating players have the opportunity to get extra spins and improve their chances of securing a win. Some casinos impose restrictions on the maximum number of re-buys per player.

8. Freezeouts

Freezeouts are the opposite of re-buy tournaments as each participant can make no more than one buy-in. All participating players are battling it out under the same conditions. Those who exhaust their credits or spins may drop out of the race if other contestants have outperformed them.

9. Survivor Tournaments

Survivor tournaments involve multiple flights that all continue for the same amount of time. The players with the lowest scores get disqualified at the end of each round. One-shot tournaments are similar as players must achieve a specific score and those who fail cannot proceed to the next round.

10. Heads-Up Tournaments

Heads-up tournaments are rarer but you can still find them at some online casinos, with Videoslots being one of the examples. Here you compete against a single contender and have the opportunity to double your original buy-in. The battle continues until the time runs out or both contestants finish their number of spins.

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