Minegames is a fantastic arcade game that can be played at crypto casinos such as Stake and Roobet. As with many crypto games, the aesthetics to Minegames is clean and lean. It’s all about the mechanics and will appeal to those players who enjoy a game for the way it plays rather than for its appearance.

The beauty of Minegames and other crypto arcade offerings is that they’re changing what casino games can be. It’s not just slots, cards or roulette anymore, but with these new games you can win money whenever there is a right or wrong answer.

The basics are simple. You’ll see a grid with some tiles and you have to uncover them. You’ll have multipliers underneath some squares, but if you uncover a mine you lose.

Mines is clearly inspired by the classic Minesweeper game. If you ever played Minesweeper or any of its variants, you will get right into this. You may remember Minesweeper from the old Windows computers back in the 90s. If not, we promise you that Mines is simple and really easy to pick up.

The key difference between Mines and Minesweeper is that in Mines you can control the settings, like how many mines there are – and depending on your bet size, you could potentially win up to $1 million.

Spribe, a developer specialising in arcade games for crypto casinos has been working on giving the Mines game a different colour and aesthetic. You’ll find it at some of the better known crypto casinos. It is only slightly different in the way the design looks, but otherwise it is exactly the same game.

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