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Why Is Craps Rarely Available at Live Dealer Online Casino? net

Largely considered a staple on the casino floor, craps offers numerous benefits to gambling aficionados. It enables players to socialize and control the game, allowing them to demand the same or different pairs of dice and set them however they like before shooting. Players additionally face a cornucopia of betting options, not to mention few of them are statistically fair.

Considering all these merits, it is no surprise this classic dice game has stood the test of time and continues to excite the attention of players. For a long time, craps was strangely absent from the catalogs of live dealer casinos that otherwise have had no issues with offering table mainstays like roulette, baccarat, three-card poker, and blackjack.

Craps only recently made its way to the virtual realm. However, very few variants are available at live casinos, and we could not help but wonder why. If you, too, are curious as to why craps variations are scarce in this format, stay with us as we speculate on some of the most plausible reasons.

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