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Winning Criteria Jackpot Hit GemDiscoPH Online Casino

Winning Criteria Jackpot Hit GemDiscoPH Online Casino

The hit frequency and winning criteria vary across the board, depending on which progressive slot you play. Smaller jackpots tend to drop more often than those that reach the six- or seven-digit mark. One good example comes from the Micro gaming studio whose progressive slots are linked to a four-tiered jackpot network that awards mini, minor, major, and mega prizes.

According to the studio’s official website, the network has so far awarded over 18.2 million individual prizes that exceed €1.2 billion in total. Out of those, the studio has recorded 14.2 million and 3.9 million individual wins of mini and minor jackpots, whereas major jackpots have been won only 4,606 individual times. The mega jackpot has produced the smallest number of individual wins.


Winning Criteria #1 – Betting the Maximum on Each Spin As for the winning criteria, these differ vastly between progressive slots. Some games require players to wager the maximum amount allowed per spin to qualify for winning. In others, betting the maximum is not a requirement, but the odds of winning the jackpots increase proportionately to your bet size. In other words, the larger your wager, the better your chances of scooping the pot.

Winning Criteria #2 – Aligning Special Symbols on the Reels Some progressive jackpots are symbol-driven in the sense that players must land a combination of rare symbols to collect the pot or trigger the bonus jackpot game. Such is the case in Playtech’s famed Jackpot Giant slot where five wild icons must appear simultaneously on the first payline to award the biggest prize.

Winning Criteria #3 – The Jackpot Can Drop Randomly Even on Losing Spins Let’s use another example from the Playtech progressive suite. The slots from the studio’s Age of the Gods series are linked to a four-level jackpot system, with each of the four progressive pots landing at random. Players do not need to form a particular symbol combination to trigger a progressive prize. They can win a jackpot even on spins that result in no wins within the main game. Furthermore, one’s bet size is irrelevant although your chances decrease if you bet small.

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