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While casual players are often turned off by the nauseating cornucopia of betting options, experienced gamblers sometimes also avoid craps because most of its wagers have higher house edges compared to other casino mainstays like blackjack, roulette, and baccarat.

Core wagers like Pass/Don’t Pass, and Come/Don’t Come offer rather decent winning chances, especially if one takes advantage of the free odds option that renders them statistically fair. However, playing them consistently gets repetitive and boring over time. The trouble is most of the other wagers available in craps yield higher edges to the house, which makes them altogether unplayable.

House Edges of Craps Bets
Bet TypeHouse EdgeBet TypeHouse Edge
Pass and Come1.41% (0% with odds)Yo 1111.11%
Don’t Pass and Don’t Come1.36% (0% with odds)Any Craps11.11%
Field5.56%C & E11.11%
PlaceFrom 1.52% to 6.67%Any 716.67%
Big 6 and Big 89.09%Ace Deuce11.11%
Hard Way BetsFrom 9.09% to 11.11%Ace Bets13.89%

By contrast, live dealer blackjack is far more engaging, involves decision-making, and gives the house an edge of less than 0.50% with basic strategy. Live roulette is also quite popular among online casino players, especially the tables with the La Partage rule where the house edge drops to 1.35%.

Baccarat is another hugely popular live dealer game where players enjoy relatively decent winning chances. Backing the Banker side carries a 1.06% house edge, whereas the Player side puts you at a 1.24% disadvantage. Only the Tie bet in baccarat can outcompete some of the riskier craps bets in terms of house edge, but smart players generally avoid it.

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