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Aggressive Player Strategy Mines Games Easy Win Casino

Aggressive Player Strategy Mines Games Easy Win Casino

The concept here, as expected, is the complete opposite of the previous one. But there are many ways to play aggressively. And it all has to do, too, with the amount of bombs distributed among the 25 spaces. From 13 bombs in Mines, you start to have more bombs than stars, and that’s when the most aggressive strategies are born.

Here are the main ways to play aggressively:

  • With 13 bombs – Here the game starts to present a relationship practically fifty/fifty regarding the chances of success. With almost 50% hit/miss chance, several betting concepts are applicable in Mines game strategy;
  • From 14 to 19 pumps – As the number of bombs increases, the multiplier follows, and so does the difficulty. And that means the guess needs to get more “refined”. But it only takes one or two hits to be worth it.
  • 20 pumps – This is the maximum amount, and consequently the maximum multiplier, of 4.85x.

The player’s aggressiveness level also has to do with the amount of attempts even after hitting a star, and even with a very high amount of bombs. And about the characteristics, everything is quite the opposite of the previous strategy, again.

The rounds are faster, with few guesses and little patience. To summarize, here the strategy has as its central premise the good old concept of the “straight shot”. And the bad point is that this shot can be very difficult to land, and cost some good investments. We also recommend that you read an article mines game how to play that covers not only the basic strategies but also the techniques of professional players.

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