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Are Online Casinos Legal in the Philippines? net

Gambling is completely legal in the Philippines, with online casino games first becoming available to the public in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. This helped to ease the industry’s fears of administration when people could not attend any land-based casinos in person. Not all Philippines gambling laws are entirely clear, though.

One thing is known, and that is that illegal forms of gambling are heavily penalized. RA 9287 shows that an Anti-Illegal Gambling Board was set up in recent years to clamp down on these illegal activities.

There has been no great expansion to the online casino world since 2020, so players in the Philippines regularly take to offshore casinos to play. These are regulated and licensed by a state outside of the country, but accept players from within the Philippines.

These are totally safe to sign up for as long as they are from a reputable jurisdiction and are often represented by more recognizable online casino brands. As a result, players have more trust with these online casinos, as they are more established and known to provide excellent Philippines casino gaming.

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