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Are the Free Online Spins Worth it

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Slot players love free spins because this is the kind of bonus that gets straight to the heart of what they love. Free spin bonuses are relatively limited. You might see 20 or 50 spins here and there as part of a welcome bonus package and they go by kind of fast. Then, the bet size per spin ranges from small to decent, which means it’s unlikely you will see massive cash payouts.

By the time you calculate the wagering requirements, it may not add up to much actual cash in your hands. With all the limitations that come with it, free spins may not be particularly lucrative financially speaking. Despite all this, it doesn’t mean free spins aren’t worthwhile. Sometimes, having a good time is just as important as the payout, and it’s great when it’s on the house!

Free Spin Bonus vs. In-Game Free Spins

Just to clarify, you can also get free spins while playing video slots. Although the name is the same, the free spins you get while playing a slot is very different from a free spin bonus offered by an online casino.

Video slots are packed with special features like wilds, multipliers, bonus games and free spins. When you get free spins while playing slots, it will be on your next spin in game. There is no need to claim it and it all remains in that game. As these aren’t bonuses per se, there are no wagering requirements or anything further terms.

Your bet size that triggered the free spin stays the same during the free round and if you win then that’s cash that can be immediately withdrawn – that’s assuming you weren’t playing with the game with bonus funds to begin with.

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