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Casino Mines Games Bonuses Direct Comparisons

Casino Mines Games Bonuses Direct Comparisons

To find the best casino bonus, it’s important to understand what you are looking for. We’ve put together the welcome bonuses from leading online casinos so you can see all the differences at a glance.

Perhaps you are on a budget and are just looking to get as much free play as possible and don’t care too much about withdrawing winnings. In this case, simply choose the bonus with the highest matching rate to the highest amount you can afford.

If you do want to withdraw winnings, then make sure you look at the wagering requirement. Below is a quick overview of various online casino bonuses and their key terms. These bonuses have all received good ratings from our review team.

Our Criteria for Choosing the Best Casino Bonus:

As mentioned, new players can usually get some extra free chips when they make their first deposit at an online casino. Sometimes, this bonus is automatically granted, other times you may have to enter a bonus code. In any case, here are some important factors you want to keep in mind when you choose your casino bonus.

  • The matching rate to the bonus, for example is it 100% or 200%?
  • The maximum amount you can claim with the bonus
  • Any bonus extras, such as free spins
  • The wagering requirement
  • Time limit to meet wagering requirement
  • General terms and conditions

Our tip: If you plan to withdraw winnings from bonus play, then pay attention to the wagering requirement and the time you have to meet them!

You will usually find that a casino bonus is written as a percentage. For example, most online casinos have a 100% welcome bonus. That means when you put in $60, you will get another $60 of bonus money, giving you a total of $120 to play with.

This means the higher the percentage, the better the bonus. For example, a 200% bonus is better than a 100% bonus. This is because it will give you twice the free chips to play with compared to a 100% bonus. A higher matching rate also means you can put in less money to get more free play.

If you are on a tight budget, then you should definitely keep an eye out for bonuses with higher matching deposit rates. Now, if you care about more than just free play and are hoping to withdraw winnings from bonus play, then you will also need to look carefully at the offer’s terms and conditions.

In particular, the wagering requirement will significantly how much of a profit you walk out with. We’ll explain the wagering requirement a bit more below, but know that the industry standard for a bonus wagering requirement is around 30 to 40x the deposit. Anything in or below this range can be considered fair.

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The Online Casino Mines Games Bonuses & Promotions for Players

The Online Casino Mines Games Bonuses & Promotions for Players

The online casino business is a competitive one and that’s why casinos work hard to keep their players happy. One of the ways they do this is by offering frequent casino promotions. Below are some of the main kinds of offers casinos have for regular players.

Reload Bonus

Otherwise known as a deposit bonus. “Reload” because you are going to get a top up as you reload your casino account with another deposit. A reload bonus works very much like a welcome bonus. Make a deposit and you will get extra chips to play with. However, the matching rate tends to be lower than welcome bonuses. While welcome bonuses usually offer 100% worth in free chips, reload bonus rates typically go from 25 to 50%.

Rewards Programme & VIP Club

LeoVegas Casino treats its players like VIPs.

Many online casinos will have a reward programme. Generally speaking, you will collect points for playing real money games. With these collected points you can exchange them for various prizes like extra free spins or a bonus.

Sometimes a casino might have a gamified system where you can collect points for completing certain tasks like playing a featured game, but the principle remains the same.

Many online casinos will have their rewards programme as part of a VIP Club with different levels. The more points you collect, the higher your VIP status. This not only gets you more casino prizes like spins and bonuses, but you may also get a personal account manager, faster cashout, real world gifts like the latest gadgets and tickets to concerts and sports events, as well as invitations to exclusive VIP events where you can meet like-minded players!

Cashback Bonus

Let’s face it. You can’t win with every single bet you make. Or at least it’s very unlikely. That’s what cashback is about. Cashback promos give you back a percentage of your losses. Somewhat pragmatic, cashback is probably not the sexiest of casino offers, but it does keep things grounded.

Featured Games

A lot of the time online casinos and slot sites will have a featured game of the week or sometimes a game of the month. Featured slot promotions often come with free spins for you to try a new slot or just to help you warmed up. These promos can come with the much anticipated release of the latest slot, or it could also be an old fave that everyone loves to play.


Casino tournaments, sometimes also known as casino races, are friendly competitions where players can win extra bonuses or cash prizes if they come out as the top player of a challenge. For example, players could compete for the biggest winning spin on a specific slot for a week, and the player with the highest win will pocket an extra prize from the tournament.

Lucky Draws

On top of it all, casinos often have raffles with more goodies ranging from spins, to bonuses, to cash and real world prizes up for grabs. Lucky draws are especially popular at online casinos around holidays like Xmas where you might even see a draw every day!

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Most Casino welcome Mines Games Bonuses are designed for slot players

Most Casino welcome Mines Games Bonuses are designed for slot players. Not only will see you a lot of free spins, but if you drill down to the offer’s terms and conditions, you’ll see that the wagering requirements can mostly be met through playing slots and instant games. For table games and live casino players, some casinos such as Mines Games have Live Casino Welcome Bonuses.

Live Casino Bonus

These will have terms that will be much more meaningful to your gaming preferences. Usually these are exclusive offers and you will have to choose between the standard offer and the one for the Live Games. Other casinos have regular Live Casino promotions even though they don’t have it as a welcome bonus.

High Roller Bonus

If you’re ready to bet big and have the cash to do it, then you may want to consider a high roller bonus. Whereas many regular welcome bonuses might be a 100% offer up to $200 or $300, a high roller bonus will let you go up much higher. A $800 high roller bonus is not unheard of, although the bonus rate itself might be a bit lower.

Not many casinos have this, but if you count yourself among these players, then check out the Premium Welcome Package. To really take advantage of these offers, you need to have that cash sitting around to make those big deposits. They don’t call them high rollers for nothing!

Exclusive Bonus

Last but not least, some casinos might even have an exclusive bonus for our Casino.Guide readers! These are welcome bonuses that you can claim when you sign up and can include anything from no deposit free spins, higher bonus rates and guaranteed bonuses on your first few deposits.

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A Mines Games Bonus is only as good as the Casino

A Mines Games Bonus is only as good as the casino. That’s why we also test the casinos through and through, right from making the initial deposit to withdrawing winnings. The bonuses listed here not only good promotions but also come from trustworthy and reliable casinos with a great choice of games. Bonus money is only worthwhile if you have something to play them on!

Casino Bonuses for New Players

As mentioned, most online casinos will have a welcome bonus when you first start playing. There are different kinds of offers though, and here are the main kinds of bonuses you will see as a new player.

1.) First Deposit Bonus

When you sign up at an online casino, you can usually expect to receive a welcome bonus with your very first deposit. The going rate for welcome bonuses is 100%, which means that if you deposit $50, you will get another $50 worth in extra chips to play with.

Some casinos may offer a higher bonus rate or a welcome bonus package. These offers are updated on a regular basis as casinos decide what they can best do to attract new players. The bonuses listed on this page are all the latest welcome bonuses from some of the best online casinos.

2.) Welcome Bonus Package


Some casinos have a welcome bonus package, and not just one bonus for your first deposit. In these packages, the casino will throw in extras like free spins or guaranteed bonuses on your next deposits. This can go up to bonuses on your next 4 or 5 deposits. Typically, the first one will have the highest bonus rate although sometimes the rate can go back up when you reach the last deposit in the package.

3.) Free Spins

You will often see free spins as part of a welcome bonus package. These let you play online slots for real money on the house. No deposit free spins can also sometimes be found and all you have to do is sign up at the casino with the offer to claim them.

Free spins are certainly not exclusively found in welcome bonus packages nor for new players. You will also see them in various promotions that players can enjoy on a regular basis. Free spins are normally for a specific slot chosen by the casino and also have specific values. For example, they might be worth $0.10 per spin. More about Free Spins on this page.

4.) No Deposit Bonus

Some casinos also offer a no deposit bonus for new players, designed to let you try the casino’s games without risking any of your own money. After signing up for an account, you will get some free spins or a bonus amount credited to your account that you can use right away. You don’t have to put any money down.

LeoVegas for example has a no deposit bonus that gives you free spins on sign up. We talk more about no deposit bonuses and the latest offer here.

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Mines Games Bonus Casino Review

Mines Games Bonus Casino Review

Nowadays, you can expect to get a welcome bonus from an online casino when you sign up. However, the kinds of casino bonuses you can get can vary in type and in quality.

If you’re new to online casinos, it can all seem a bit confusing. Our team of experts have put together this page to give you an overview of the online casino bonus landscape and explain all the important things you should know about when it comes bonuses. We’ll also explain the terms and conditions behind many of these offers that players often find a bit complicated.

To make things even easier, we’ve put together a list of the best casino bonus offers out there so you can pick and choose what’s right for you. In selecting these offers, we’ve considered both the bonus amount as well as the conditions the offer comes with.

Casinos are updating their offers all the time. Our reviewers are constantly checking online casinos for the latest promotions for Canadian players and updating the listings here.  Sometimes we have exclusive bonus offers for our readers too. Come back to this page every now and then to see what new casino bonuses you can snag!

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Types of Slot tournaments you can play Online Mines Games Bonuses

Types of Slot tournaments you can play Online Mines Games Bonuses

1. Overview

If you are considering competing in a slot tourney at an online casino, you should first learn to distinguish between the different tournament formats. Understanding the individual rules and peculiarities of each format will make it easier to map out a strategy. Below we cover a few of the most common slot tourney types you will come across at online casinos.

2. Scheduled Tournaments

Scheduled tournaments commence and end at a predetermined time on condition the minimum number of participants required has been reached. This format is widely adopted but requires registration in advance. Scheduled tournaments can continue for several hours up to a month, depending on where you play.

3. Freerolls

Freerolls, as you can probably guess by their name, do not require players to buy their way in to participate. All they have to do is sign up on time and play the qualifying slots for the specified period. There are still some requirements to satisfy, however.

Some online casinos require interested players to earn a given number of comp points before they can participate in their freerolls. Prize pools are typically smaller due to the free nature of this tournament type.

4. Buy-In Tournaments

Buy-in tournaments are pretty much the opposite of freerolls as participating players are required to pay an entry fee. The host casino will then provide them with a specific number of credits to play with. The buy-in amount is proportional to the prize pool – the larger the rewards, the more you have to pay to get in.

5. Sit and Go Tournaments

Sit and Go tournaments feature limited open positions and commence as soon as the maximum number of available seats has been reached. When this happens, a pop-up message will appear on the screen to inform you in time to set the reels in motion.

6. Guaranteed Tournaments

Guaranteed tournaments feature guaranteed pools, with predetermined prizes paid out to the top finishers in the leaderboard. If the pool surpasses the guaranteed amount, it continues to grow.

7. Re-Buy Tournaments

Re-buy tournaments allow participants to purchase additional credits or spins if they happen to run out. The re-buy amount or spin number typically coincides with the original buy-in.

These are more strategic as participating players have the opportunity to get extra spins and improve their chances of securing a win. Some casinos impose restrictions on the maximum number of re-buys per player.

8. Freezeouts

Freezeouts are the opposite of re-buy tournaments as each participant can make no more than one buy-in. All participating players are battling it out under the same conditions. Those who exhaust their credits or spins may drop out of the race if other contestants have outperformed them.

9. Survivor Tournaments

Survivor tournaments involve multiple flights that all continue for the same amount of time. The players with the lowest scores get disqualified at the end of each round. One-shot tournaments are similar as players must achieve a specific score and those who fail cannot proceed to the next round.

10. Heads-Up Tournaments

Heads-up tournaments are rarer but you can still find them at some online casinos, with Videoslots being one of the examples. Here you compete against a single contender and have the opportunity to double your original buy-in. The battle continues until the time runs out or both contestants finish their number of spins.

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How to improve your chances of winning online Mines Games Bonuses Slot

How to improve your chances of winning online Mines Games Bonuses Slot

1. Overview

Online slot tournaments are fun because each spin is packed with action but the competition can be rather fierce. As exciting as these tourneys are, snagging a share of the prize pool is based predominantly on luck. Nevertheless, there are several things players can do to boost their chances of winning.

All online slots rely on random number generators (RNGs) to determine whether any given spin produces a winning combination. The result is decided in a millisecond after you hit the spin button. There is pretty much nothing spinners can do to influence the outcome of the rounds.

2. Get a good rest before the tournament starts

As unbelievable as it sounds, clicking the spin button repeatedly becomes fatiguing after a while, so we recommend you take full advantage of your rest opportunities.

3. Test the qualifying slot releases before the tournament starts

You can play in free mode with demo credits if you are looking to preserve your bankroll for the tourney itself. This will give you a good idea about how the games behave and what their volatility is. Do not forget to examine the paytable to see what you can expect in terms of winning combinations and bonus features.

4. Choose an environment that is free of major distractions

Online slots generally do not require a lot of concentration but every second counts when you compete against other spinners. Focus on winning and make sure you spin the reels as fast as possible.

5. Set up an alarm or a notification on your smartphone to ensure you join the tournament on time

Some gambling sites permit players to join the action even after the tournaments have already started but late entries reduce your chances of getting ahead. It is difficult, if not impossible, to catch up with fellow contestants when they have a lead of hundreds of spins.

6. Bet large in point-based tournaments to progress faster in the leaderboard

In such cases, the number of points you receive per spin is proportionate to your wager size. (Eg. ¢20 equals 1 point, ¢40 earns you 2 points, ¢60 results in 3 points, and so on). Larger bets will understandably generate more points for you.

7. Spin the reels as fast as possible and do not wait to see the results

As we previously explained, the outcomes are determined in the split second you hit the button. The only reason why the reels move is to make the gaming experience more authentic.

The software will reflect the outcome in your balance even if you spin again before the reels halt. Waiting for the results will only slow you down and decrease your odds of gaining the lead.

8. Turn on the turbo mode feature if the tournament’s terms and conditions allow using it

This will improve your speed as the reels come to rest almost instantly after you hit the spin button. Bear in mind the turbo mode is deactivated for players based in countries like the UK due to regulatory requirements.

9. Put all your credits to good use as the casino will not carry them over

Any remaining credits are voided after the slot tournament comes to an end.

10. Do not allow the leaderboard to distract you

Constantly checking your current position will slow you down and most slot tournaments are all about speed. If you glance at the leaderboard every couple of seconds, you are less likely to see your username listed among the top finishers.

Joining Online Slot Tournaments

Joining an online slot tourney is as simple as it gets but you still need to plan ahead and consider a few things beforehand. We recommend you visit the tournament page of your preferred online casino regularly to keep track of the upcoming competitions.

Some gambling operators host multiple tournaments per day, while others hold them on a weekly basis. The tournament section features all the vital information you need to pick a suitable tourney, including the qualifying games, the entry fees (if any), the minimum bet requirements, and the way scores are recorded.

Make sure you carefully peruse the terms and conditions of your chosen slot competition before it starts. You will never win a slot tournament if you keep getting yourself disqualified due to rule violations.

Once you make up your mind about which contest to join, you simply must sign up for participation. The registration process is rather straightforward and requires a couple of clicks to complete. Make sure you have sufficient funds in your balance to cover the entry fee if you pick a buy-in tournament or plan on multiple re-buys.

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Compelling Arguments For and Against Redeeming Online Mines Games Bonuses Casino

Compelling Arguments For and Against Redeeming Online Mines Games Bonuses Casino

Bonuses are a major attraction for online gamblers and often play a decisive role in choosing one online casino over another. Some gambling buffs consider them the equivalent of free money but these freebies are not without their downsides.

Playing with your own funds is sometimes better than claiming a bonus and you should be aware of all the caveats before opting in for one.

In this article, we put forward several compelling arguments for and against bonus redemption to help you make informed decisions about these promotions on your own.

Also included are several important bonus terms online gamblers often ignore to their own detriment. Let’s kick things off with the most commonly available bonus types at online casinos.

Commonly Available Online Casino Bonuses

Online gambling operators cater to players with various promotional incentives, the most common of which include no deposit offers, deposit match bonuses, free spins, referral bonuses, and cashbacks.

Learning to distinguish between them will allow you to easily identify the promotions that best suit your style and personal preferences. Without further ado, here are the five most commonly available bonuses you will find at online casinos.

 No Deposit Bonuses

 Deposit Match Bonuses

 Free Spins

 Friend Referral Bonuses

 Cashback Bonuses

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Key Terms of Online Mines Games Bonuses Casino

Key Terms of Online Mines Games Bonuses Casino

1. Always Read the T&Cs

All online casino bonuses, regardless of their type, have terms and conditions attached to them. You should have a clear understanding of the promotional terms unless you do not mind having your bonus forfeited due to violations of the rules.

2. Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements are almost always in place when one gambles with bonus money. Also known as rollover or playthrough, the wagering requirements reflect the amount players must wager before they can unlock or withdraw the bonus funds. This usually must happen within a reasonable timeframe as specified by the casino.

3. Game Weightings

Game weightings reflect how much of each bet counts toward clearing the bonus wagering requirements. Contribution percentages vary across the different categories of games.

Video slots usually count in full (100%), while games like craps have a significantly lower contribution, often 5% at best. A $100 wager on a game with a 5% weighting counts as $5 cleared from the bonus wagering.

4. Restricted or Excluded Games

Restricted or excluded games are those that have no contribution toward clearing the bonus playthrough. Playing them results in bonus voidance and confiscation.

5. Maximum Bets

Terms relating to maximum bets stipulate how much players can wager per spin or round while having active bonuses in their accounts. Exceeding the limit can also lead to bonus forfeiture.

6. Cashable Bonuses

Cashable bonuses are those you can withdraw after fulfilling the wagering requirements.

7. Sticky Bonuses

Sticky bonuses are those you cannot cash out after meeting the playthrough. Only the winnings resulting from sticky offers are withdrawable. The bonuses themselves are voided and removed from players’ balance.

8. Winning Caps

Winning caps are often imposed on no deposit and free spins offers to protect gambling operators against customers who unexpectedly experience huge windfalls while playing with promotional credits.

9. Regional Restrictions

Regional restrictions apply at times, fully or partially excluding players based in certain countries from bonus redemption.

10. Payment Method Restrictions

Payment method restrictions may prevent you from claiming deposit-associated bonuses when funding your balance with specific banking solutions. The most commonly restricted methods include Skrill, PayPal, Neteller, and Paysafe.

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Arguments in favor of Redeeming Mines Games Bonuses Casino

Arguments in favor of Redeeming Mines Games Bonuses Casino

1. Overview

Despite their downsides, online casino bonuses can still offer certain benefits to savvy players who know how to find value in promotional incentives. Below we cover several arguments in favor of redeeming online casino bonuses.

2. Some Bonuses Do Have Player-Friendly Terms

Promotional incentives with player-friendly terms are sometimes beatable and can offer value to gamblers as long as they know how to identify them. This is easier than ever in the modern age we live in.

Some specialized gambling sites on the internet feature dedicated calculators that can help you work out the breakeven casino advantage of cashable bonuses.

All you have to do is enter several variables, including the bonus amount, the playthrough, and the wagering contribution of the game you intend to play. Players must also input the triggering deposit provided that the playthrough includes both the bonus and the deposit amount.

3. You Can Extend Your Gaming Session with Bonuses

If you have a tight budget at your disposal, redeeming bonuses can help boost your bankroll and extend the duration of your gaming session. You get a good headstart and more play time without necessarily having to commit with larger deposits.

If you determine you cannot clear the playthrough within the stipulated timeframe, you can always forfeit the bonus and request to withdraw the funds from your real-money balance.

4. Cashbacks Can Help You Partially Recover Your Losses

Many online casinos treat their loyal players to cashbacks, allowing them to recover a percentage of their lost deposits during a given day, week, or month. Some gambling operators are generous enough to credit the cashback amount directly in cash to your real-money balance.

If this is the case, the cashback money is yours for the keeping and you can withdraw it right away if you wish. Check the terms and conditions to ensure no wagering requirements apply to your cashback. Many online casinos are unscrupulous enough to credit such rebates as bonus monies with wagering in place.

Arguments Against Redeeming Casino Bonuses

As appealing as they seem, online casino bonuses are not without their disadvantages. Some bonuses seem like great deals until you read their terms in detail and realize they are precisely the opposite. What follows are several of the strongest arguments against claiming online casino bonuses.

 Slower Withdrawals

 Multiple Restrictions to Comply With

 High Wagering Requirements

 Bonus Credits Are Not Free Money