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Consider before Playing Casino for Real Money register

Now that we have established that all regulated operators undergo consistent audits and would never risk their reputation by rigging their games, we shall highlight several red flags to watch out for before you join a real-money online casino.

A gambling site is not necessarily rigged if it meets one or two of these criteria. However, we recommend you still exercise due diligence and take to your heels if you detect any suspicious anomalies in the games’ outcomes.

  • The online casino is blacklisted by numerous independent review sites.
  • Former customers systematically give negative feedback and complain of result inconsistencies.
  • The online casino consistently receives low ratings from both players and professional reviewers.
  • Licensing information is obscure or altogether absent from the casino’s website.
  • The brand is licensed in a banana republic or a foreign jurisdiction with lax or no regulatory enforcement.
  • The casino never publishes the payout percentages of its games.
  • The operator’s name is associated with past cases of cheating and offering unfair games.
  • The operator insists its catalog undergoes regular audits but lacks a certificate from any recognized independent testing house.
  • Former customers consistently report delayed or altogether denied withdrawals.
  • The terms and conditions page contains unfair or ambiguous clauses open to broad interpretation.

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