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In the past, you had to download the online casino to your personal computer in order to access the games. This manner of play, however, is becoming increasingly rare. In fact, it has become progressively difficult to find online casinos that even offer a software download option.

What is meant by instant play?

Instant play basically means the form of play you enjoy when you access the online casino is through your computer’s web browser. That is, you are playing instantly from its website, without the need to download any software. Another term for instant play would be web play or web-based play, though more and more these days, online play is a direct synonym.

Can I visit an online casino from any browser?

Most online casinos these days are programmed to work with any browser that supports HTML5. That basically includes any browser that functions in 2020. HTML5 casinos are all instant-play from your web browser, whether you are on your computer, phone or tablet.

You should be able to see all of the graphics in excellent quality, and access all of the links and navigation equally well whether you are using Explorer, Chrome, FireFox, Safari or Opera.

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