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Exploring Different Strategies and Mines Games Tips

Exploring Different Strategies and Mines Games Tips

Stake Mines is a Minesweeper-inspired online game that requires players to turn over tiles in hopes of unlocking multipliers and avoiding bombs – but there’s a knack to playing effectively.

Fans of the old-school computer game will feel right at home but might be surprised by how much strategizing is necessary. Exploring different strategies and adjusting your settings to pursue a Stake Mines max win is the key to a better experience.


Mines is what’s known as a “Stake Originals” game, which readers of our review will know means it’s produced exclusively by themselves. As such, it’s a little different to other games. Here’s how it works:

  • The game uses a 5×5 grid resembling Minesweeper.
  • You must set a bet amount to play with each round and how many mines you want in play.
  • 1-24 mines can be selected across 25 tiles.
  • Mines and gems are placed at random.
  • You’ll turn over tiles in hopes of revealing gems and avoiding mines.
  • Each gem is good for a Stake Mines multiplier and continued gameplay.
  • Revealing a bomb will end your round and lose your wager.

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