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Gambling operators have a reputation to protect at Online Casino casino apk

Getting yourself permanently banned from your favorite online casino is always upsetting but it is usually not without a good reason. There are certain questionable practices online casinos simply do not tolerate, including advantage play, straight out cheating, bonus abuse, and multi-accounting.

Gambling operators have a reputation to protect and reserve the right to permanently close accounts associated with suspicious activities. Being locked out of your real-money account is never a nice feeling but the good news is you can easily avoid this by perusing the casinos’ terms and conditions before you register. Another viable option is to continue reading as we cover all commonly prohibited practices that can earn you a ban at an online casino.

How to Tell Your Account Is Locked

At some online casinos, you can immediately tell you are locked out of your account by the notification that appears when you attempt to sign in. At others, said notification pops up after you try to load a real-money game and initiate a transaction from your balance.

Most gaming operators would inform banned customers via email and specify the concrete reasons for locking their accounts. Depending on the type of transgression and its severity, the casino may decide to retain the banned player’s balance.

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