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GemDiscoPH Casino Progress of your Bonus Online

GemDiscoPH Casino Progress of your Bonus Online

You’ve just landed a shiny new bonus, but what’s next? With a little bit of know-how, you can turn that extra cash into big wins. Here are some tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your bonus.

  • Look for bonuses with low wagering requirements. By opting for bonuses with lower playthrough requirements, you reduce the amount of gameplay needed to meet the criteria.
  • Understand the game contributions. Different games count towards the wagering requirements differently, so make sure you know which games will help you meet the requirements faster.
  • Play low- to medium-volatility slots. You’re more likely to land frequent, smaller wins, which will help you meet the wagering requirements without risking too much of your money.
  • Check the progress of your bonus. Many casinos have a bonus tracker that lets you see how you progress with your wagering requirements, so you can adjust your gameplay accordingly.
  • Forfeit the bonus if you hit a big win. If you hit a big win while playing with your own money, you may want to forfeit the non-sticky bonus and withdraw your winnings rather than going along with the wagering requirements on the bonus funds and taking risks.

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