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Hitting Possible in Online Blackjack Casino register

Also known as 21, blackjack outcompetes all other table games in terms of popularity. It is considerably more engaging than roulette and baccarat as it requires a good deal of decision-making and strategic play that further reduces its already low house edge.

Hitting, standing, splitting, doubling, and buying insurance are the most common moves players can make in standard blackjack. Surrendering a hand is also possible in some cases, but few blackjack variants allow the move since it works to the advantage of players and minimizes their long-term losses.

As the name itself implies, surrender is an optional move that allows the player to forfeit half of their bet after seeing their first two cards and the dealer’s exposed card. This is usually possible immediately after the initial deal before any other playing decisions have been made. While extremely rare, surrendering after hitting or splitting is also an option in some online blackjack variants and we shall explore them in today’s article.

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