How gamification helps to retain online casino players

How gamification helps to retain online casino players

Gaming platforms make use of gamification for the following reasons:

  • To Engage Players: This is the thinking behind gamification. You want to engage with players to get a feel for their individual preferences. For a software developer, this can help in the design concept for a new game or in the upgrade and relaunch of an existing casino game.
  • To Keep Players Playing: Gamification is done to keep punters laying bets and playing online casino games. Casinos do not want customers to play a game or two and then move over to another casino afterwards. The idea is to stop players from being bored and keep them playing for longer periods.
  • To Improve Game Offering: Gamification can help casinos review and improve their game offering, site features, and bonus offers based on feedback from players.
  • To Boost Margins: The bottom line of gamification is to turn in a profit. This is done by keeping players engaged and playing casino games for much longer. The longer punters play, the more money the casino makes.
Types of Gamification at Internet Casinos

The types of gamification techniques used by casinos may differ. However, they all have the same goals in mind, which is to:

  • Keep you engaged
  • Keep you playing
  • Keep you spending and playing some more

While gamification methods vary across casinos, many offer new and existing customers freebies like free spins and free cash rewards. These rewards appeal to most punters and almost certainly guarantee that they keep playing or return to the casino at some other time to continue playing.

Milestone Sharing via Social Media

This is one gamification technique that many casinos are adopting today. The idea is for punters to share their in-game achievements like badges, points, and other milestones via various social media channels like Twitter, Instagram, and Meta (Facebook).

This gives the casino a great deal of exposure online and could help boost their customer base.

Gamification Through Loyalty Points

You earn loyalty points as you spend more time and money playing your favourite casino games in one casino, you earn loyalty points. These loyal points open up a myriad of benefits for punters. Some casinos rank their loyalty points according to the number of hours they have put in. For example, the ranking can be Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Each rank offers players amazing prizes like cashback rewards, free spins, free cash, free card/table games, free bets, and so on.

A Leaderboard System Puts You in Competition Mode

The leaderboard system is another type of gamification that puts punters in perpetual competition mode when playing casino games. To some players, the fun is in knowing that they rank high on the leaderboard, while to others, the fun lies in the rewards that ranking high can bring. Either way, the leaderboard system is a great gamification technique that many casinos use today.

Freebies – A Classic Gamification Technique

As already mentioned, players are tempted by freebies, and casinos know this. This is why casinos have used freebies like free spins and free cash deposits for ages now. But some casinos have stepped up their freebies with other added incentives to keep players engaged for much longer. In some cases, freebies and other gamification methods have been merged for an even greater effect.

For example, players ranking high on a leaderboard might be rewarded with free spins. Also, free cash rewards may be offered to players that post their milestones on social media channels. The idea is to encourage as much engagement from punters as possible to keep the casinos trending, drive traffic, boost conversions, and increase profits.


Gamification is here to stay and what is worth noting is the number of methods introduced on an almost daily basis. But no matter what gamification technique casinos may introduce, their goals are still basically the same.

It is also interesting to point out that casinos are not the only beneficiaries of gamification. Punters get to enjoy playing classic, new, and popular casino games, knowing that there are many rewards on offer for them if they keep playing.

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