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How to Play Mines Games Bonuses Casino

How to Play Mines Games Bonuses Casino

Mines has a 5 x 5 grid, which is the main game area. On the left, you will be able to set the bet options, which starts from $0.10. The max bet will depend on the casino you are playing at, but some such as Cloudbet let you go up to $250 a pop.

Then choose the number of mines you want in the game. It goes from 1 to 24 mines. The more mines there are, the harder it gets, and the higher the payout. As with all fair casino games, the mines’ positions will be determined by a random number generator. Once that is all set, click on the Bet button.

You will then have to start uncovering each square by clicking on a tile on the screen. Your job is to open up all the tiles that don’t have a mine. If you reveal a mine, you lose.

Each tile you successfully uncover will have a payout. You have the option to cash out your winnings at any time. Say you had set it to 8 mines, but after uncovering just 10 tiles, you’re happy with your earnings and decide it’s not worth risking what you have already won. At this point you can cashout.

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