Learn How to Win Big at the Casino with These 11 Tips

Learn How to Win Big at the Casino with These 11 Tips

Do you want to know the best way to win money at casinos? Well, believe it or, you’re already on the right track. Listening to the advice of other gamblers is very useful—even if it’s erroneous. Bad advice is still good because it tells you what NOT to do.

The trick, of course, is to know which is true and which is wrong.

Each of the tips below are verifiably true—and they work for virtually every gambling endeavor—even for those that appear to be governed by sheer chance.

1. Play Games That Give the House the Thinnest Edge

Keno has one of the biggest house edges of all games, while blackjack and craps give the house some of the thinnest advantages.

If your game is keno, then first of all, you have my condolences, but second—consider finding a game that will take your bankroll in smaller bites.

With a house edge of a mere 1.06%, baccarat is one such game. So, dry-clean that tux or evening gown, learn why stirring a martini is barbaric, and head for the baccarat table.

The tux may not grant you a license to kill, but it should at least qualify you for a learner’s permit.

2. Know When to Bet Max Coins and When Not to

One of the best ways to win a lot of money at the casino is to play slot machines that pay off much higher rewards with max coins than with just a single coin in.

For instance, a slot may pay $5 for three sevens with one coin in but pay $50 for that same win if you wagered three coins (assuming max coins for that machine are three). Other slots have payouts that are only winnable provided you have played max coins.

Be sure you know which is which. Sometimes the key to how to get big wins at casinos is as simple as knowing how many coins are just enough.

If you want to look at more of the right and wrong ways to hit the bet max button, then look at the piece below for more.

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3. Take Martingale Off Your Christmas Card List

Want to know how to win big at the casino? Then take betting systems like Martingale off your list as it’s wishful thinking, at best.

Any system designed to win a game of pure chance by basing wagering decisions on past performance is a system built on the logical error known as the Gambler’s Fallacy.

Yes, that’s right—it’s a mistake explicitly named for the people most likely to commit it: Gamblers.

Betting on red at the roulette table because the table’s history sign shows that the last four spins resulted in black numbers is a bad idea. Doubling your bet each time you lose is an even worse idea—and I don’t mean worse in a good way.

We have 15 powerful gambling tips that work and could benefit your game.

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4. Play Poker

If you want a quick method for how to win big at the casino, stop playing banked games. These are games like roulette, blackjack, and craps, where the house is the beneficiary of your losses and pays whenever you win.

I’m talking about the poker dealt in the poker room, not those boutique table games on the casino floor. Sure, chance and variance exist even in the poker room, but you don’t have the casino’s thumb on the scales as far as your bankroll’s health is concerned.

If you want to master your poker game, our poker guide will come in handy.

5. Don’t Chase Your Losses

This happens to all gamblers, but it’s even easier to do it online. So, if you want to know how to win big at casinos online, be sure this is one of your most ironclad rules.

Online or off, chasing losses is something we must all be wary of. Why? Because it’s human nature to rise to the implied challenge of a long series of losing spins/rolls/hands.

Here’s a subtle hint you’re chasing: the gambler’s walk of shame.

Incidentally, if this advice finds you already on the bus home from The Mirage, you might find how to win at the casino with $20 interesting.

6. Play Progressives Only When They’re About to Hit

Figuring out how to win big at casino slot machines is hard enough, but understanding when to play the progressives requires some serious planning.

Sure, nailing that huge progressive jackpot is a surefire way how to get big wins at casinos, but you must choose when you play carefully.

Progressives tend to have a lower RTP (Return to Player) than other slots, so playing them when they’re least likely to hit is not a good idea.


Ask a slot host at what amount the progressive usually pays off.

If they know, they’ll tell you—and if the current amount of the jackpot is far below the “usual” payout amount, move on.

Look for progressives that are of the ”hot drop” and “must drop” variety, where the progressive must pay out within a certain timeframe (hourly, daily, etc.) or before it reaches a certain amount.

Knowing when NOT to play a progressive is one of the best proofs that you know how to get big wins at casinos. This advice pertains equally to brick-and-mortar casinos as it does to even the best online casinos.

This blog will provide the top slots if you need some suggestions on the best progressive slot games.

7. Play the Best Version of Any Game

Roulette is not the same at every casino, nor even at different tables inside the same casino. And that goes for other games like blackjack and even video poker.

Roulette is played on a European single 0 wheel, an American wheel with 0 and 00—and a new third version (also American) that features 0, 00, and 000.

Whenever possible, play the European single zero wheel.

Some blackjack tables pay 6:5 rather than 3:2 for blackjacks. Don’t even sit down if you see “6:5” printed on the felt.

And we have a complete guide to video poker to help you decide if you should play them or not.

8. Learn Winning Strategy for Your Chosen Game

While betting systems for various games of chance are worthless or worse, any game that requires you to make choices during play is vulnerable to an effective strategy.

In jacks or video poker, do you draw three cards to your low pair, or do you draw four cards to your single ace?

Texas hold’em has entire libraries of books dedicated to various aspects of poker strategy—most of which were written by experts who won fortunes using those strategies.

If you want to know how to win big at the casino, know the game you play well. And when you’re ready for a challenge, read about the 100 ways to win at gambling.

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9. Join the Casino’s Loyalty Club

Amid deciding the best ways to win big at casinos, we often ignore the reverse: How not to lose at casinos. We don’t just gamble at casinos; we also dine at casinos. We go to live shows and concerts at casinos, and we stay in luxury suites—well, you get the idea.

Every one of these costs money, and if we get the casino to pay for it that is money we have not spent—which is almost as good as winning, right?

Casinos comp loyal players all the time. You’re playing there anyway—you might as well get paid for it. See? How to win big at the casino is easier than you thought.

10. Take Any Bonus You Can Get

This is one of the better tips to help you win big at the casino.

Most online casinos offer a variety of bonuses for either making a deposit or gambling on their site. These bonuses can be quite generous, with the casino offering you 5x and sometimes even 10x your deposit in bonus money.

But remember that you have to earn that bonus with something called rollover.

A rollover is the total amount you’ll have to wager to get that bonus. Some bonuses require as much as a 25x rollover, meaning you must wager 25 times the amount of your bonus to earn it.

That’s right: to get that $500 bonus, you might have to wager as much as $12,500. If you want to start winning some bonuses, sign up with a reputable casino that will pay you out, like the one below.12345

Choose a Recommended Site

The first thing you need to do is choose a site. With hundreds of online casinos out there, finding the right one can be tricky. Lucky for you, our team of experts has already located and ranked the best casinos on the internet. We recommend choosing a secure and reputable site with safe banking options and speedy payouts. Click the link on the left to get started on our #1 top-rated casino site!

11. Quit While You’re Ahead

One of the best tips for winning big at the casinos I can give you is to stop. Not forever, of course. Just when you’ve already had the best of it.

See, the times we take the gambler’s walk of shame are exceeded only by the times we would have left the casino a winner—if we had just headed for the parking lot an hour earlier.

Don’t get greedy. You doubled or tripled your money? Guess what: You beat the odds. You won. Go home and binge Better Call Saul or The Last of Us. Play Xbox.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure it doesn’t include “continue to gamble” as one of the options.

Here is more advice on when to cash out at the casino.

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