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Licensed Slots and Video Slots Online

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Licensed Slots
Any machine that carries the image, voice, or other aspect of a licensed character or property is a “licensed slot.” To put it in layman’s terms, if the game has Batman’s face on it, or features the voice actors from the latest Marvel film, or is based on the action of a classic board game like Monopoly slots, it’s a licensed game. The appeal of these games should be obvious – people like familiar properties. Are you more likely to play a generic slot game or one based on the characters from Friends? Most Americans would be at the Friends machine in no time flat.

First popularized in the brick and mortar casinos of Las Vegas, these slots are now among the most popular online titles as well. Gamblers recognize brands and are influenced by marketing just like anyone else, maybe even more so. As long as licensed theme games are bringing in money for casinos online and on land, designers will continue to sink money into these properties.

Video Slots
The phrase video slots gets tossed around a lot online. We don’t like the phrase, because it doesn’t really describe a category of games. Really, any machine game that uses a modern display, or graphics, or animations, or cut away scenes can be called a video slot. To that end, we’d guess that 99% of all the slots online and in Las Vegas are technically “video slots.”

The rise of video and audio effects on gaming machines was a natural step in the evolution of these games. As gamblers raised on computer and video game consoles started entering casinos, they demanded better graphics, more interesting plots, and better technology.

The expansion of machine gambling into cyberspace has increased the pace at which these games are evolving new features. To try to describe a game as a “video slot” is pretty pointless. The only purpose for this phrase is to distinguish between classic slots and everything else. Still, we think it’s important that you know the phrase if you’re going to be playing slots in the modern age.

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