Mines Games Casino Super Fun 21

Mines Games Casino Super Fun 21

Super Fun 21

Multiple software suppliers have released variations of this intriguing game over the years, including major names like Playtech, Microgaming, RTG, and OpenBet. One of the latest versions, Super Fun 21 Extreme, comes from Scientific Games.

Despite its attractive name, Super Fun 21 is not the best blackjack variation you can pick where winning odds are concerned. The game is deceptive as it offers many liberal and player-friendly rules but their merits are altogether offset by the reduced payouts on blackjacks.

 Super Fun 21 Extreme by Scientific Games

 Expected Return in Super Fun 21


1. Overview

Fans of extraordinary blackjack variations are perhaps familiar with the name Geoff Hall. Arguably the most popular game inventor in the gambling industry, Hall came up with a unique variant of 21, known as Zappit Blackjack, which he then sold to Scientific Games.

2. Players Can Swap Hard 15 through Hard 18

Zappit Blackjack’s biggest claim to fame is that it enables players to swap their initial two cards for new ones if their original total is hard 15 through 18. “Where’s the catch?” you wonder. Well, the house pushes with all unbusted player hands bar blackjacks when the dealer obtains a total of 22. The following rules are also in place:

  • The variation plays with 6 standard packs of cards.
  • The dealer hits soft 17 and pushes on 22.
  • Blackjacks pay at standard house odds of 3 to 2.
  • Doubling down is available on all two-card totals.
  • Players can split only once to form two hands.
  • Hitting split aces is against the rules.
  • Players cannot zap hard 15 to hard 18 if they have taken any previous action on the hand.
  • Players can zap before the dealer checks for a blackjack.
  • If the player obtains a blackjack as a result of zapping, the payout will be even money rather than 3 to 2.

3. Expected Return in Zappit Blackjack

Zappit Blackjack is not as bad as some of the variants we discussed earlier, although it still carries a house edge of over one percent due to the “Dealer push on 22” rule. The casino’s long-term advantage in this game amounts to 1.13%. Players can anticipate a theoretical return of 98.87% over the long haul.

With a house edge this high, Zappit Blackjack is not your best bet, although it still offers better winning chances compared to other table games like roulette. Nonetheless, the ability to swap your initial cards when holding certain hard totals comes at far too great a cost. As intriguing as it is, your wallet will not like this blackjack variation.

Hall invented a similar game called Blackjack Switch which you can find at some Playtech online casinos. Here you play two hands per round concurrently, with the option to swap the top cards between the two and potentially improve your totals. We recommend Blackjack Switch over Zappit Blackjack as the former has a very low house edge (0.15%) with perfect strategy.

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