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Let’s now turn our attention to the version of the Online game offered by Blaze online casino. The reputation of this betting site is well established in Brazil, and it is perhaps even one of the most popular gambling destinations in all of South America. Online Blaze has a great reputation. The special feature of this variant of the Mines game is the same as that of the Stake casino and Casinozer: you have to find gems and not stars. In addition, as with the Casinozer and Stake Casino version, the player can take a very high risk and play with up to 24 mines hidden under the 25 squares of the grid.

In terms of graphics and visual rendering, the BetFury operator’s Online game is clearly the most impressive of all. As well as being beautiful, the interface is clear, simple and detailed. Same principle as the three previous versions presented: you have to find gems. Here too, you can take the risk of hiding 24 mines under the grid, which is the same as finding the only hidden diamond. In BetFury Online you can pocket up to 1 BTC, which is a much bigger jackpot than any of the other versions. An auto play mode is also offered here for users.

Roobet is also an online casino where playing Online is a must. And for good reason, its version is one of the most generous, offering a jackpot that totals a whopping $50,000. Here, the clickable boxes reveal either stars or bombs. As you might expect, stars are what pays off, and bombs, by contrast, are to be avoided. Roobet Online has a very wide range of bets. It offers players the opportunity to bet pennies or tens of thousands of dollars. Players can also customize their number of mines, between 1 and 24.

The Online game from software developer Turbo Games is also among the most noteworthy. Its design is quite attractive. The game is played on a black background, and the grid is also black in colour. There are 25 squares as in all mine games, and these hide either diamonds or bombs. The betting range is from $0.10 to $100. The maximum payout is $1,000 per spin. A special feature of Online Turbo Games is the table below the betting control panel. This shows the number of open squares, the number of gems left to find and the potential risk (in percentage) of stumbling upon an explosive.

If there’s another Online game that casino players like, it’s from software provider Evoplay. With its real name Online Field, this title stands out for its customisable grid format. You can indeed opt for a 2×3, 3×6, 4×9, 5×12 or 6×15 configuration. The gameplay of this mine game is also different from what we are used to. You have to cross a minefield and not just click on any square to reveal gems or stars. Each row of the grid that you pass successfully gives you a multiplier. It is not necessary to cross the entire field to receive a reward. The player can stop whenever they feel like it and claim payment for the path taken.

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