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 Online Casino Gameplay and Features of Live Dealer Slots

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Now that we have outlined the differences between the two types, we shall have a closer look at the gameplay in live dealer slots and examine the main features you will encounter while playing them. Let’s start with the gameplay.


  1. The reels are activated either by the live presenters or spin automatically every few seconds.

2. Make sure you have a sufficient balance when you load your preferred live dealer slot. Unlike their conventional counterparts, live slots are unavailable for free play in demo mode.

3. Select how many spins in a row you want to participate in.

4. Select how much money you want to wager during a single spin. Feel free to bet the maximum if you are daring enough and your bankroll allows it.

5. After you set your spin conditions, you can join the game before the next round begins by pressing the start button.

6. The software updates your balance and the remaining number of your spins in real-time at the end of each round.

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