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1. Early years

In the 1970’s when video poker first appeared, it was played on machines, similar to slots. Resembling a big television, video poker looked rather primitive and as far from table poker as you can imagine. But fundamentally, it remained poker – it followed the same rules and it required certain knowledge and skills in order to win.

Over the following decades, it grew in popularity and players in Las Vegas developed strategies which helped them score more constant winnings. With the arrival of web-based casinos, it became available to all kinds of players and even to those who had not set a foot in a casino before. Its virtual nature made the transfer to online video poker smooth and natural, while game developers started creating different variations of the basic game in order to keep players’ interested.

2. Nowadays

Today, there are hundreds of video poker games that can be played online. They are the preferred choice for an increasing number of casino visitors because they are easy to play and unlike in live poker games, players do not feel intimidated and stressed. In video poker, you do not play against a dealer or against other gamblers but against a computer.

You can control the pace of the game, the bets you place, and with your actions, you can effectively influence the outcome of the game. In fact, video poker is the electronic casino game, which has the lowest house edge. This means that in the long run, you have the opportunity to win back a huge portion of your entire bet.

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