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Take it from us, not all free bet offers are the same. Explore the different sports bonuses below and find out what a sports betting site might have to offer.

First deposit bonus

This is a widely-available bonus that’s used to reward new bettors for registering with a sports betting site. Typically, you will make your first deposit which will then be matched by up to 50-200%. First deposit bonuses are often valid to use on all bets, but can also be applied to specific events like football or cricket matches. This bonus type works in the same way as a standard casino bonus.

Deposit matched bet bonus

This bonus matches your first deposit with a free bet of the same value. Bonuses can often be matched up to $100 and can be used right after registration. If used wisely, this bonus type can double the amount you have at your disposal to bet with. Just be aware of any minimum deposit or wagering requirements attached.

No deposit offers

No deposit free bets are the holy grail of sports bonuses. This type of offer can be rare to find and usually comes with specific criteria to meet. For example, the minimum odds and bet type might be restrictive. There may also be wagering requirements which means any winnings won’t be immediately withdrawable. This type of bonus is like a no deposit or free spins casino bonus.

Risk-free bets

Risk-free bets act as a safety net. They work by a bettor placing a real money bet, and if it falls short, the betting site offers a refund. Usually, the refund will take the form of bet credits to use on further wagers. Rest assured if the original bets win, a customer still gets to keep their winnings.

Money-back free bets

Similar to a risk-free bet, money-back bets offer a bonus if a bet loses, if the favorite wins, or if a certain event happens. The bonus will usually come in the form of bet credit. This bet type is hugely popular on a variety of sports, though you can usually find unique promotions for horse racing in particular.

Bonus code

Bonus or promo codes give access to specific offers by a sports betting site. The codes are usually only valid for a limited time with new bonus codes created regularly. They’re simple to use – when depositing, simply enter the code under the ‘Got a promotion code?’ field.

Boosted odds

For a limited time, betting sites offer boosted odds on specific bets. The ‘boost’ means that there’s a larger payout for the same bet. Also known as enhanced odds, this type of bonus can usually be found on high-profile events, like the NFL’s Super Bowl or NBA Finals. This is a regular offer that’s valid for both new and existing customers.

Free bets clubs

Most sports betting sites will offer regular bonuses to reward loyalty in the form of a free bets club. Though named differently at different sites, free bets clubs work in the same way. If a customer bets a certain amount over a one-week period, they will be rewarded with a free bet. Minimum odds often apply for the free bet.

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