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Before you move forward with lodging a complaint, we recommend you make sure your grievance is indeed legitimate. Ensuring you are not in the wrong will save you time and spare you from going through any unnecessary hassles.

The most logical thing to do is to meticulously read the terms and conditions again, paying closer attention to the clauses that concern your issue, in particular.

Many complaints fail to reach a resolution or get rejected for the simple reason the players lodging them have not read the terms of use and have violated them as a result.

With that in mind, here are several valid reasons for filing a complaint against an online gambling operator.

Delayed or Denied Withdrawals


Disabled or Closed Accounts

Inappropriate Advertising Content

Game Malfunctions

Stages in the Complaint Process

Stages in the Complaint ProcessPlayers should not address an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) provider immediately after the issue as there are several stages in the dispute process.

The established practice is to first contact the gambling operator as this is the quickest way to resolve issues in most cases. Proceed to seek assistance from ADR providers only if you fail to reach an amicable settlement of the dispute with the operator.

1. Step 1

Examine the terms and conditions again to ensure there are no violations on your behalf. If you are confident you are not in the wrong, proceed to the next step.

2. Step 2

Get in touch with the operator via the support live chat or in person by visiting the respective gambling venue, bingo room, or retail betting shop.

3. Step 3

Share all details regarding your complaint with the gambling operator, including the time and date when the issue took place, and describe the nature of the problem comprehensively. If possible, attach any files as evidence to support your claims. Save copies of your claims, evidence, and communication with the operator for future reference.

4. Step 4

Give the gambling operator enough time to examine your claims and investigate the issue.

5. Step 5

Escalate the complaint to a higher level if the issue was not settled to your satisfaction. You can transfer the complaint to a higher authority within the gaming business itself, such as the management team.

6. Step 6

If the issue is still not resolved to mutual satisfaction, the management team will send the complaint to their colleagues from senior management for consideration.

7. Step 7

Provided that the above-mentioned internal complaints procedures do not result in a satisfactory resolution, you can take the matter to an ADR service provider.

Your gambling operator will inform you which ADR provider it works with. Jurisdictions like Malta allow gambling companies to use the services of several approved ADR companies. Some operators also give their customers reference letters to confirm their complaints are eligible for ADR consideration.

8. Step 8

Allow several weeks for the ADR provider to investigate the complaint and reach a decision. Some gamblers refer the matter to court if they are still dissatisfied with the ADR settlement of their complaints.

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