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Online Mines Games on Lucky Cola Introduction to the Gamble

Online Mines Games on Lucky Cola Introduction to the Gamble

The gamble option becomes available after winning spins only but plays differently when taken depending on the specific game. Some online slots automatically prompt the player to gamble their profits after a win occurs. In others, a ‘gamble’ or ‘2x’ button gets highlighted after the winning round and the player must click or tap it to trigger the feature.

The player then exits the main screen for a side game that typically involves guessing the color or suit of a playing card. However, there are many variations of the gamble function as you shall see later. One of several things can happen after the feature activates:

  1. The player makes a correct prediction and doubles the winnings from the last spin. If this is the case, they have the option to collect the win and exit the gamble feature or have another go to try and further boost their winnings.

2. In the event of an incorrect guess, the player loses the profits from the last successful spin and returns to the main game.

3. Most gamble features limit players to seven or ten rounds in succession but it all depends on the software provider and the specific slot release.

4. Some slots give players the option to only gamble half of their profits generated on the last round. Spinners can gamble in halves in some releases by mines Games like Easter Fortune and Lord of Fortune by CT Gaming, for example.

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