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Online Popular Proposition Bets in Craps net

Craps tables at live dealer casinos support a motley range of proposition wagers in addition to the above-listed core bets.

These are typically one-roll wagers that pay at higher odds but this comes at the expense of lower win rates and greater house edges.

We recommend you to place them sparingly or avoid them altogether.

1. Any 7

Any 7 wins when the number 7 comes up on the next dice toss. The bet pays at odds of 4 to 1.

2. Any Craps

Any Craps bets win when the shooter rolls one of the three craps numbers (12, 3, or 2). Any Craps offers payouts of 7 to 1.

3. Yo

Yo, also known as ‘yoleven’, wins on combinations of 11, with payouts of 15 to 1.

4. Ace Deuce

Ace Deuce bets are successful whenever the shooter throws a 3. The payout coincides with that for the Yo (15 to 1).

5. Aces

Aces bets result in payouts of 30 to 1 when the dice produce a roll of 2.

6. Boxcar

Boxcar bets are single-roll wagers on the number 12. The payouts are again higher at 30 to 1 since there is only one dice combination that results in a twelve.

7. C & E

C & E bets are available in the live craps variation powered by Evolution Gaming. Also known as the ‘combination’ bet, it is a blend of the Yoleven and Any Craps. It pays 3 to 1 if a craps number (2, 3, 12) comes up and 7 to 1 when the shooter rolls 11.

As you can see, craps is an incredibly rich game when it comes to diversity of betting options. Versatility is a double-edged sword in this case, however, since it confuses and overwhelms casual players, driving them away from the live dealer craps tables. This decreases the demand for live craps, which in turn results in fewer live-dealer variations of the game.

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