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The Common Reasons for Online Casino using VPN

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1. Overview

Virtual private networks enable internet users to hide their location by connecting to encrypted servers in other countries.

A person who is physically located in Los Angeles might connect to a server in London and make it appear as if they are browsing a given site from the British capital.

Online gamblers resort to using VPN for two common reasons, to access restricted casinos, sportsbooks, or poker platforms and opt in for multiple bonuses.

2. Accessing Restricted Gambling Sites

Gambling sites must hold licenses to operate in a given jurisdiction. Properly regulated gaming operators typically restrict players based in prohibited countries, territories, or states from accessing their products to avoid legal issues. They achieve this by using geoblocking, a technology that prevents internet users in some geographical locations from accessing certain online content.

New Jersey-licensed sites are only available to online gamblers who are physically located on the territory of the Garden State. Such is also the case in Great Britain where licensees of the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) can only take bets from British players.

Players from regulated and well-developed markets normally face a decent enough choice of licensed gambling sites. The same cannot be said for those who reside in countries that heavily restrict or altogether prohibit online gambling.

In the second case, local internet service providers are instructed to block all unauthorized gaming sites. Players from such jurisdictions use virtual private networks to circumvent the restrictions and gain access to their desired online casinos despite the ban.

3. Abusing Online Casino Bonuses

Bonus abuse is the second most widespread reason why online casino players resort to virtual private networks. Gambling operators offer appetizing bonuses to incentivize players to sign up, maintain their interest, and retain them as customers. Various terms and conditions are in place, however, to prevent keen gamblers from abusing these offers.

To give you an example, each new customer can claim no more than one welcome bonus per account, household, and IP address. Those who violate this condition are in for an unpleasant surprise as they have their bonuses confiscated and accounts closed when caught.

Some players are greedy enough to hide their location through VPN so that they can benefit from the same bonus several times by creating multiple accounts from different jurisdictions. Being caught is inevitable in this case as each new account undergoes obligatory verification.

4. Dealing with Blocked Accounts

Online casino players can have their accounts closed down for multiple reasons, including bonus abuse, cheating, collusion, using specialized software to gain an unfair advantage, and various other violations of the terms and conditions.

Gambling operators are quick to block cheaters from accessing their accounts. It is not uncommon for such players to create new accounts by masking their IP addresses via virtual private networks. They often choose a server located in their country of residence. Some VPN services even allow users to pick servers in specific cities, making it easier for such players to register new accounts.

5. Circumventing Software Provider Restrictions

Most modern online casinos partner with multiple game providers, with some operators having eighty or more software studios on their roster. With that said, the games of some suppliers are unavailable for real-money play in certain countries and territories due to licensing restrictions.

A gambling software company must typically obtain a license from local regulators before it can distribute its products to customers from a given market. The major supplier of live dealer solutions Evolution Gaming, which operates in multiple regulated markets, is a good example. For instance, the company’s products are available to Canadian customers based in Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec, Alberta, and Atlantic Canada.

Players who fall outside these provinces cannot engage in live dealer games supplied by Evolution even if online gambling is otherwise available to them. The only way to access the supplier’s live portfolio is to establish a virtual private network and connect to a server in a permitted province.

6. Circumventing Voluntary Self-Exclusion

This one is perhaps the worst reason for using virtual private networks when gambling online, not to mention it could lead you down a slippery slope to financial ruin. Regulated operators take responsible gambling seriously, offering multiple tools to protect their customers from gambling-related harm.

Players can take temporary breaks and regain access to their accounts after their preferred cool-off period ends. Permanent self-exclusion is also an option for those who feel their gambling behavior has started to become problematic.

Self-excluded problem gamblers sometimes experience a sudden change of heart. In an attempt to continue gambling, such problematic players sometimes try to circumvent their voluntary exclusion by creating new accounts at the same online casinos they have originally restricted themselves from.

Since multi-accounting is also a violation of the terms and conditions, such gamblers have no other option but to hide their IPs via virtual private networks to prevent casinos from detecting them. We at Mines Games are stark proponents of responsible gambling and strongly urge you to refrain from such practices if you have self-excluded.

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